Naturally Dance


... is a dance association that promotes dance! We prepare participants for the dance floor in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We organize dance lessons, workshops, parties, humanitarian actions through dance and other interesting activities (👈 our events). With us you will master elegant Ballroom, hot Caribbean and Latin rhythms, as well as African Kizomba. We have hosted the masters of this African dance and we transfer the materials from all the dance seminars to you in our dance classes.

Naturally Dance was a long-term participant of Salsa event International Rueda de Casino (👈 video), supports various humanitarian events „Budi svoj, nisi broj“ (👈 video), „Horizonti duše, glasovi i boje srca“ (👈 video), and in 2017. we were an organizer of humanitarian actions (👈 event) which was covered by the local newspapers Politika i Večernje novosti (👈 photo).

The dances you can learn with us:

• Samba • Rumba • Cha Cha Cha • English Waltz • Viennese Waltz • Foxtrot • Salsa • Bachata • Kizomba • Blues • Disco • Jive • R'n'R • Merengue • Sirtaki • Group choreography and more! 😃


Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever


Naturally Dance is the creator and organizer of the Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever Party 👉 the most popular DISCO Party in Serbia and across the Balkan region! Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever was visited by thousands of people of all generations, nationalities, affiliations, occupations and religions.


The audience classified the Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever Party among the best cultural manifestations of Belgrade, emphasizing that its arrival created a revolution in Belgrade's night life, because all generations of different preferences and background spend time together dancing to music that once created a similar revolution.

Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever is a kind of time machine, started at the end of 2018. designed to revive the DISCO scene and create a unique ecstatic energy on the dance floor! Lovers of the Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever Party have repeatedly filled many attractive locations in Belgrade, including the large Americana concert hall in Dom omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Center) (👈 video) and some of the impressions of visitors from previous parties you can checkout here (👈 photo).

Due to the overwhelming popularity, Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever held its first festival edition on August 2022. at Kalemegdan (behind the Natural History Museum Gallery) where over 1300 people (👈 video) came to party and dance! 🤩💃🕺🎉🍻🔊🆒💖🥰


You can check out photos and videos on the official Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever where you can follow us, as well as on @bgdiskozurka.💗

The 1st Kizomba Flash mob in Serbia

Naturally Dance designed the choreography and realized the project Kizomba dance Flash mob - Belgrade, Serbia in which we promoted the culture of Africa with the culture of Serbia in Belgrade, on Republic Square with the National Museum, the National Theater and the monument to Knez Mihajlo.

In the period from May 13th to July 17th 2018. Naturally Dance prepared and trained Ballroom and Salsa instructors and dancers, so that we can present and promote Kizomba dance with a public performance. Watch Kizomba dance Flash mob - Belgrade, Serbia (👈 video) to see the show. 👀😃


Naturally Dance is responsible for the popularity of Kizomba and UrbanKiz in Serbia and the region

By introducing Nelson Campos (👈 event) from London in 2014. and at the beginning of 2015. Naturally Dance dance seminars and workshops were visited by dancers from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Italy, Poland, Germany, gaining the respect of their colleagues and praise for the good organization.

Naturally Dance introduced Kizomba music and dance on Salsa, Latin and Ballroom dance parties and therefore is responsible for the popularity of Kizomba in Serbia, and by organizing Kizomba seminars, "infected" neighboring countries: Macedonia and Montenegro.


In the same 2015. and the following 2016. year, by introducing the French instructor Fred Maestro (👈 event), one of the representatives of the UrbanKiz style from Paris, instructors from Belgrade, and then Serbia and the region began to grasp that Kizomba dance style, which until then was completely neglected and was not respected. Today, many instructors show the UrbanKiz style in their schools, both in Serbia and in the region, thanks to Naturally Dance dance school and these UrbanKiz seminars.


At the beginning of 2017. Naturally Dance introduced Helio Santos (👈 event) from Lisbon, one of the pioneers of Kizomba dance in Europe and the world, where his main assistant will be Sandra Svetlica, a member of the Naturally Dance. On this occasion, Kizomba dancers, in addition to the technique of leading and following, beautiful steps and movements, could learn about the origin, history, various names, musical and dance types of this dance.


Naturally Dance "brought" Kizomba to Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2016. Naturally Dance introduced Kizomba to Banja Luka (👈 video). For more than two months, the Naturally Dance team: Sandra and Miloš, traveled every weekend and provide dance workshops (👈 video) to young Kizomba lovers in the Republic of Srpska. After Naturally Dance teachings, Kizomba began to spread throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina!


Miloš Ćemalović, Naturally Dance founder and dance teacher

... has always been a big fan of music (👈 photo album), organized hundreds dance events in various places in Belgrade, being a DJ on dance parties, animated the people around him as well as created music mixes (👈 YouTube list) of different genres.


Miloš started dancing in 2007. in Belgrade, Serbia. From the very beginning, his talent for dancing was noticed by everyone who knew him. As the most talented dancer in 2008. he started helping his dance instructor by showing beginners the basic steps of all the dances he had mastered. With complete dedication to dance, he began to create new movements in all the dances he had learned until then, where he was called the "king of improvisation" in Belgrade. He regularly attended all Salsa, Latin, Ballroom and other dance nights in the city. At dance nights, he danced with all the ladies without choosing age or dance knowledge. Dance music made Miloš dance in any situation with any playful soul, and even a stray dog (👈 video)! Soon the whole city of Belgrade and the surrounding area found out about him. Demonstrating dance has been and remains his greatest passion since his first "student" in 2008. and continues to this day.

Great love and enthusiasm for dance created Naturally Dance in 2013. which was supported by many respected artists and experts of various profiles in Belgrade. The following year, in 2014. he won 1st place in the Salsa competition and the title of "Dance Night Star", where he was chosen by the audience's votes!

A year before the founding of Naturally Dance Miloš participated in The 1st Vienna Ball in Belgrade (👈 video) in 2012. at the Metrpol Palace Hotel.


Miloš Ćemalović shared the concert stage with world stars at musical spectacles in Belgrade: Vaya con Dios (👈 video) 2010. at Sava Center, Enrique Iglesias (👈 video) 2016. at Belgrade Arena and Harlem Gosplel Choir (👈 video) 2023. at Dom Sindikata. Miloš was a guest in music videos of prominent musicians Zemlja Gruva (👈 video) for the song "Django", Lisabon (👈 video) for the song "Leto", So Sabi (👈 video) for the song "Badjuda".


Sandra Svetlica Ćemalović, Naturally Dance manager and dance teacher

... graduated in Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. All her life she was interested in dance, and her great talent and love for dance (👈 video) was discovered by Miloš in 2015. and he wanted to include her in his dance team.


Sandra initially assisted Miloš by showing the basic steps to beginners in Naturally Dance, but very soon became part of the organization of classes and dance events. In addition to dancing, her great passion is humanitarian work and the promotion of human rights, which is reflected in her social and humanitarian activism, collaborating with important domestic and international organizations and institutions.

With her empathetic and socially conscious approach, Sandra won the hearts of many dancers, and colored the atmosphere of Naturally Dance with tolerance, mutual understanding, support and companionship.

In the middle of 2016. Sandra came up with the idea for Naturally Dance to introduce Helio Santos to Belgrade, and together with Miloš established contact with him. At the beginning of 2017. Naturally Dance introduces, and Sandra assists Helio Santos (👈 video) at the Kizomba seminar in Belgrade, where she gained the full respect of all dancers in Serbia and beyond.

Two years later in 2018. Sandra came up with the idea for Naturally Dance to create Beogradska Disko Žurka - Belgrade Disco Fever (👈 video) Party and becide Miloš, she is the main organizer of this huge event filled with love and positive energy!


Final word

Naturally Dance stands behind the mission that dance should be or become a way to relax, spread and exchange positive vibrations. It absolutely does not matter whether the new member is a beginner or just wants to refresh dance steps. The only thing that matters is - a positive attitude towards music, teachers and dance partners.

The goal of Naturally Dance is that all citizens who live and work in Belgrade learn to dance, have fun, and go out filled with positive energy! You will learn a lot of dance ideas and movements from over 10 different dance styles with us and you will be ready for dance songs that you will find on the city streets, dance halls, both in your country or around the world!

Naturally Dance has so far independently organized a handful of dance events

naturally-dance-belgrade-dance-school naturally-dance-belgrade-dance-school

dance workshops


New Year's Eve Parties


and dance lessons in attractive locations


for its own and other dance club participants, and is happy to organize joint dance projects with other organizations.

Naturally Dance dance school invites all generations, and guarantees quality dance training that will also improve your posture, body line and make you gain more self-confidence! Come to have fun with a rich dance program and be ready to dance (👈 video) in any place and on any occasion! Music and dance are languages ​​that the whole world understands, and we will teach you how to pronounce them - naturally!

Welcome to fun and dance with Naturally Dance!💃😃